SUP demands granting Sindhi national language status

By Our Correspondent
February 22, 2024

On the occasion of International Mother Language Day commemorated on Wednesday, the Sindh United Party (SUP) demanded that the Sindhi language be granted national language status.

Sindh United Party President Syed Zain Shah addressed this during a meeting on November 21, 2023. — Facebook/Sayed Zain Shah

SUP President and Grand Democratic Alliance leader Syed Zain Shah, emphasised the need for mandatory primary education in Sindhi for students both of private and public institutions. He advocated making basic Sindhi reading and writing skills compulsory for the residents of Sindh, including those working in courts, the Sindh Assembly, and government and private institutions within the province.

Shah pointed out that Sindh joined Pakistan with a distinct national identity, including its own language, civilisation and geographical boundaries. He asserted that the denial of national language status to Sindhi was a significant loss for the people of the province after the country’s creation.

Drawing comparisons with neighbouring India, where 22 languages hold national language status, and several European nations with multiple national languages, he argued for a similar approach in Pakistan. He expressed concern about the alleged decline of Sindhi language usage in government offices, educational institutions and public spaces within the province. He claimed that there is a deliberate attempt to eliminate the Sindhi language from Sindh, citing its diminishing presence in various official and public spheres.