Prince Harry extends 'helping hand' to ailing King Charles for This reason

Buckingham Palace announced on February 5 that the Monarch, 75, diagnosed with cancer

By Web Desk
February 21, 2024
Prince Harry extends 'helping hand' to ailing King Charles for This reason

Prince Harry extended a helping hand to his ailing father King Charles because he got 'scared' by the Monarch's cancer diagnosis.

For the unversed, the Duke of Sussex visited Charles at the Clarence House in London on February 6 after the King personally informed Harry about his serious medical condition.


Notably, the former working royal recently admitted that difficult times like illness in the family have a "reunifying effect" during his tell-all interview in Canada.

Speaking of Harry's hidden thoughts behind his recent statements, royal expert and author Tom Quinn told The Mirror that "he was apparently visibly shocked and upset when he heard that his father had cancer."

He added, "Having lost his mother aged 12 he had come to assume that, whatever their ups and downs, his father would enjoy the longevity enjoyed by the late Queen and Prince Philip."

The royal expert said that despite Harry's explosive revelations in Spare and various TV interviews, he is "still a lost little boy underneath and on hearing that his father was ill."

"I’m told that he immediately wanted to do something practical to help, but he will have known that his offer to help could be made safe in the knowledge that it would be rejected,"Tom said.