Maggie Gyllenhaal addresses body image issue in Hollywood

Maggie Gyllenhaal reveals she learned to accept herself over the years in the industry

By Web Desk
February 21, 2024
Maggie Gyllenhaal reflects on facing body image issue as an actress in Hollywood

Maggie Gyllenhaal has recently addressed body image issue in Hollywood.

Speaking on the latest episode of Tracy Anderson's podcast, The Longevity Game, the actress opened up about her earlier time in the industry as an actress.


“When I first started auditioning and acting and stuff, it was a time when you could say all sorts of crazy things to actresses,” recalled the 46-year-old.

The Lost Daughter star continued, “I've always been pretty thin... it's a messed-up thing to say to somebody.”

“I think that both of them said it was kind of a manipulation. They were trying to make me feel something, which they managed to do,” noted Maggie.

The Dark Knight actress pointed out that her goal was “to be as thin as possible” when she was younger.

However, Maggie said, “I wasn’t ever able to go too far over there. I wasn’t willing to sacrifice all that much, I think, and thank goodness for that.”

When asked about diet to lose weight, Maggie remarked, “I find that if I get too particular about what I eat and cleansing or whatever, it makes me anxious.”

Over the years, the White House Down actress shared she “learned to appreciate herself better and accept her body for what it looks like”.

“The older I get, the gentler I am on myself. I find, only recently really, that sometimes I'll look at myself and my body and I'll be like, ‘I look good, I look fine’,” she added.