Prince Harry makes Kate Middleton happy with his unexpected move

Prince Harry takes a leaf out of Princess Kate's book to begin a new journey

By Web Desk
February 21, 2024

Prince Harry, who avoids admiring his sister-in-law Kate Middleton, has seemingly begun to follow the future Queen's footsteps by changing his tone in his interviews.

The Duke of Sussex spoke of reunion and reconciliation in his latest interview with Good Morning America after meeting his father King Charles following his cancer diagnosis.


Harry expressed his love for the family and admitted families stands together in crisis. The Duke's words not only melted his dad's heart but also attracted massive praise from his fans and the royal commentators. His gentle words about his family even left his critics in surprise.

Soon after knowing about his father's illness, Harry immediately boarded an overnight flight from Los Angeles to London to be by the cancer-stricken King.

Speaking with journalist Will Reeve for a segment on Good Morning America, Harry said: “I love my family."

He also kept his words with father as he declined to share the King's diagnosis details instead focused on his long-term plans for reconciling with his family.

Royal author Dr Tessa Dunlop believes his recent interview has helped him take the title of “peacemaker” in the family, a role previously held by Princess Kate, adding Harry is "no longer angry" with his family. This is Harry the peacemaker, the reconciler."

The Princess of Wales was the mediator between her husband Prince William and Harry, with the Duke of Sussex calling her the “sister I never had” in his memoir Spare.

Now, it seems as the Duke is taking a leaf out of Princess Kate's book and on way to make peace with his own people. Harry's gesture could make Kate happy at the time when she's recuperating from her abdominal surgery.