Prince Harry faces potential deportation from US over secret immigration records

King Charles III's son Prince Harr faces court showdown over his secret immigration records

By Web Desk
February 21, 2024

Prince Harry, who created problems for himself by opening about his drug use in his memoir, faces court showdown over his secret immigration records.

The Duke of Sussex's plan to become an American citizen could be in jeopardy if a judge rules against him after Friday's case in Washington DC.


US officials tried to block call to show whether Harry lied on his visa application about taking drugs - which he admitted to in his book Spare.

Now, the Heritage Foundation seeks access to Harry's response to this critical question, raising concerns about potential implications for his visa status.

An immigration expert has claimed failure to disclose a history of drug use could have severe repercussions for Harry, including the review and potential revocation of his visa.

An LA immigration lawyer told Daily Mail: "This could be very serious for Prince Harry. If he didn't tick the 'yes' box when he entered the States then his visa will be reviewed and it is possible it could be revoked.

If he is thinking of applying for citizenship, then having his visa revoked would be a disaster."

The development that comes just days after the Duke revealed he was considering American citizenship.

A demand from a United States think-tank, the Heritage Foundation, has asked to obtain Harry's immigration records from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). The request aims to determine if Harry disclosed any history of drug use during his visa application process.

Legal experts anticipate a forthcoming ruling from Judge Carl J. Nichols, who presides over the case. His decision will shed light on the extent to which the DHS must disclose Prince Harry's immigration records, navigating the complex terrain of privacy laws and public interest.