Amy Schumer offers insight into evolving relation with her four-year-old son

Amy Schumer reveals her son’s opinion about her as a parent on Kelly Clarkson show

By Web Desk
February 21, 2024
Amy Schumer opens up about her relationship with her four-year-old son

Amy Schumer has recently offered insight into her growing relationship with her son, Gene David Fischer.

During an appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show on February 20, the Life & Beth actress talked about her son, saying, “He's so independent, such a fun vibe.”


Amy, who shares her four-year-old son with husband Chris Fischer, admitted, “He's just realising that I'm stupid,” to which Kelly responded, “All parents relate to that.”

The comedian said, “I think he really thought I knew what was going on, you know, he thought like, that I'm smart.”

Amy told Kelly, “We were at the beach this summer, and the sun was going down over the ocean, [and] he goes, 'Mommy, does the sun sleep in the ocean?' and I was like, 'Nobody really knows what's going on with the ocean.’”

Kelly chimed in and quipped, “My kids, the thing I probably say the most is 'I don't know let's Google.’”

To this, Amy added, “Yeah! Let's find out together!”

Elsewhere on the show, Kelly gushes over Amy for an Instagram post she shared last year in which she disclosed how much her body changed as she got older.

Meanwhile, Amy also reflected on the journey of her motherhood on Kelly Clarkson show.