Travis Kelce: How much does Taylor Swift's boyfriend eat to maintain muscle mass?

Travis Kelce is said to be foodie but still maintains his fitness surprising his fans

By Web Desk
February 21, 2024
Travis Kelce #87 of the Kansas City Chiefs stands on the field before their game against the Philadelphia Eagles at GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium on November 20, 2023, in Kansas City, Missouri. — AFP

Travis Kelce, a tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, has finally revealed how he balances being a finicky eater and a professional athlete.

On training and game days, the 6-foot-5 athlete consumes a delicious and nutritious 4,000-calorie diet, weighing approximately 250 pounds, according to New York Post.


“Travis Kelce is a hugely influential athlete with a lot of eyes on him, which is why fans are so interested in how he maintains his physique and what he eats,” a spokesperson for fitness gurus "SET FOR SET" said in a statement.

It has been discovered that fad or restrictive diets frequently result in greater weight gain and more harm than benefit.

Experts advise adhering to a healthy, reasonable routine that suits your body and lifestyle instead and fortunately, Kelce is able to achieve this because of his boyhood buddy and personal chef, Kumar Ferguson.

“Travis is a perfect example of an athlete who maintains a healthy, balanced diet that works wonders for his performance on his team,” the "SET FOR SET" spokesperson said.

“Travis’s diet is an excellent example for his younger fans to look up to, but it also showcases that you don’t always have to cut all of your favourite foods out of your life to have your ideal body,” the statement added.

The two-time Super Bowl champion said that he had a delectable stack of a breakfast staple before every game.

“I have to grab some French toast, get my blood sugar going, get some carbs in,” he previously told Men’s Journal. “I’m big on French toast. Always eat that at the team’s pregame meal.”

Health professionals advise athletes to eat a high-protein meal, like steak, to keep their muscles growing throughout training and to fuel their bodies for intense exercise, like a three-hour football game.

“His dad is actually a grill master, so that’s where I got filets in our diet,” Ferguson told Kansas City Magazine, adding that the football star also consumes Hawaiian “heat” wings and deep-fried Australian lobster to keep him lean.

Though the tight end's older brother, Philadelphia Eagles centre Jason Kelce, branded him a "picky eater" on their podcast, the athlete doesn't rush to load his plate with veggies, according to the his personal chef, but spinach will always be an important part of his diet.

The body can recuperate from muscle strain more rapidly thanks to the anti-inflammatory qualities of the dark, leafy green. Along with being rich in minerals and antioxidants, it also contains a lot of potassium, which supports strong bones, lowers blood pressure, and gives you more energy.