‘Shehhbaz Sharif Bhai, Bilawal Prince Charming’

Asif Ali Zardari placed his hand on Bilawal’s shoulder and called him Prince Charming

By Farooq Aqdas
February 21, 2024
(From L to R) Former PM Shahbaz Sharif, former Present Asif Zardari, and PPP Chairmen Bilawal Bhutto during the press conference on February 20, 2024. — Facebook/Pakistan Peoples Party - PPP

ISLAMABAD: At Tuesday’s deadlock-breaking press conference, PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari appeared most cheerful among all.


At the start of the press conference, he gave a written note to Prime Minister-designate Shehbaz Sharif. As the presser ensued, PPP Co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari placed his hand on his Bilawal’s shoulder and called him “Prince Charming” and addressed Shehbaz as Shehbaz Sharif Bhai (brother Shehbaz Sharif). The press conference left the reporters guessing as to which office Bilawal would be seeking? Would it be the foreign ministry?