Prince William upset by Harry's actions, insider claims

Prince William frustrated with Harry's behavior, tensions continue to mount

By Web Desk
February 21, 2024

Sources reveal that Prince William, remains dissatisfied with Harry's public statements about the royal family following his departure as a senior member.

Reportedly, William, is not inclined to welcome Harry back into the fold as a working royal and is prepared to shoulder additional responsibilities rather than share them with his brother.


There is an apparent lack of trust towards Harry and Meghan, with William allegedly viewing them as untrustworthy.

A friend of William's conveyed to The Daily Beast that following their father's health news, any hopes of reconciliation with Harry seem remote, asserting that the notion of Prince Charles trusting his brother again is a mere fantasy.

The source emphasizes his deep-seated resentment towards Harry, asserting that the breach in trust extends beyond a mere disagreement between siblings.

William reportedly views Harry's actions as a betrayal of the monarchy and deems him untrustworthy, categorically ruling out any possibility of reconciliation.

Prince Harry's departure from his royal duties in January 2020, nearly two years after his marriage to former actress Meghan Markle and their relocation to California, marked a significant shift in the dynamics within the royal family.

Despite the passage of four years since their departure, both have continued to openly express their sentiments about the royal institution, whether through Harry's memoir Spare, their Oprah interview, or their Netflix documentary.

However, even amidst King Charles' recent cancer diagnosis, it appears that the rift between the brothers remains unresolved.