Dakota Johnson reveals she’s labelled as pretentious: Here’s why

Dakota Johnson talks about her Madame Web co-stars on a late-night show

By Web Desk
February 21, 2024
Dakota Johnson dubs 'pretentious' during Madame Web auditions

Dakota Johnson has recently been labelled as “pretentious” during her audition days for Madame Web.

During an appearance on MTV’s Josh Horowitz last week, the Fifty Shades star revealed, “I got told by a creator of a show — the feedback was that I was pretentious because I shook everyone’s hand in the room.”


She continued, “I was like, ‘What?’ I wasted their time because I was like, ‘Hey, I’m Dakota,’ and introduced myself and shook hands.”

“And since then, have you x-ed that out of your — now you just barely look at anybody,” remarked Josh.

To this, Dakota responded, “Oh, I’ve ruined his life.”

Earlier on the Late Night With Seth Meyers, the Persuasion actress talked about her relationship with her younger co-stars in a new movie, including Sydney Sweeney, Celeste O’Connor and Isabela Merced.

“I love them, and they annoy me,” she stated.

Elsewhere on the show, Dakota recalled her brief stint as a guest star on The Office in 2013.

“It was honestly the worst time of my life. The odd dynamics present on set didn’t help either,” shared the actress.

Dakota added, “Some people didn’t speak to each other, and I’m coming in like, ‘I’m so excited to be here.’ And no one wanted to talk to me.”