PPP’s Mandokhel booked for polling day ‘vandalism’

By Our Correspondent
February 21, 2024

Police on Tuesday registered a case against one of the Pakistan Peoples Party’s (PPP) election candidates, Qadir Mandokhel, for his alleged involvement in vandalism on polling day.

This still shows Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) candidate Abdul Qadir Mandokhel entering the Polling station on February 8, 2024. — Facebook/Hina Saqib

The case was registered at the Madina Colony police station of Baldia Town on the complaint of presiding officer Hafiz Kaleemullah, who is a primary schoolteacher by profession.

“On the day of the general elections on February 8, unrest was instigated by Qadir Mandokhel after the polling time ended, while I and other staff members were counting the votes,” the FIR quotes the complainant as saying. “Around 5:15pm, a group of agitated individuals forcefully entered my room, causing a commotion.”

The complaint reads that the agitated individuals began throwing around the ballot papers and other polling materials, while they also kicked the polling booth, causing it to fall to the ground.

“I later learned through social media that the agitated group was led by candidate Qadir Mandokhel, the nominee for NA-242,” said the complainant, adding that Mandokhel was accompanied by 20 to 25 unidentified individuals. “After completing the vote count and consulting with others, I came to report the incident.”

The complainant said Mandokhel and his associates threatened to interfere in government affairs, adding that action should be taken against them. Police said that the case has been registered and an investigation is under way. No arrest was made until the filing of this news report.