Pro-poor party

By News Desk
February 21, 2024

This letter refers to the article ‘The powerful four’ (February 18, 2024) by Dr Naazir Mahmood. The writer appears to assume that ministers are responsible for formulating the policies of their respective ministries, and since we have failed to make any major changes in the past, now is the time to reformulate and embark on a new journey for which we need much more capable and intelligent ministers for defence, finance, foreign affairs, and interior. This is not correct. The problem is not competence. Honesty and sincerity are required. In democratic societies, policies are contained in manifestos of political parties, approved by the cabinet and implemented by ministers.


However, in our case, manifestos are too general and vague, cabinets have acted as rubber stamps and approved policies without knowing what is contained in them. There is a need for a sincere pro-poor political party with a manifesto to ensure: free quality education for all, a network of hospitals, dispensaries and clinics in every city and villages, land reforms, cutting the perks and priviliges of state officials, and reducing our external borrowing. Such a manifesto with details of financing and implementation arrangements will win the support of the majority and can provide a two-thirds majority to the party.

Abdul Majeed