Chaos element

By News Desk
February 21, 2024

This letter refers to the news report ‘Political turmoil deepens as Pindi commissioner admits to rigging’ (February 18, 2024). Many things are wrong with this unprecedented development. A public servant resigning and making such controversial claims shows complete disregard for the decency and decorum expected of a public service official and constitute a high procedural breach on his part. The government functionaries have official platforms to report such matters.


Apart from tainting the outcome of this general election, which has already become a matter of discontent not only in Pakistan but internationally, these claims have only added to the instability the country is already facing. Our increasing political polarization appears to have seeped into some of the state institutions and could undermine their cohesiveness. The ex-commissioner should have at least exercised some discretion and should have reached out to the concerned departments through the proper channels regarding any wrongdoings. This action of his has yet again made Pakistan a laughing stock.

Anas A Khan