Drug peddler killed in Baghdadi was targeted by another drug dealer

By Our Correspondent
February 20, 2024

The City District authorities on Monday solved a murder case involving a drug peddler who was fatally shot on the orders of another notorious drug lord in the Baghdadi area.

Policemen take position near the site of an attack on a police compound in Karachi on February 17, 2023. — AFP

Officials said that the police had apprehended a suspect linked to the killing of the drug dealer in Shah Beg Lane, Baghdadi, four days ago. The prime suspect, Khalid, acting under instructions from drug dealer Riasat, targeted the victim, Zahid, after Zahid failed to repay money borrowed from Riasat.

The incident occurred on Thursday when a shooting took place in Shah Beg Lane, resulting in the death of one individual and injury to a rickshaw driver. Investigations revealed that the deceased was a drug dealer, and his killing was orchestrated by Khalid, an associate of the Jadgal gang from Lyari, involved in drug trafficking.

In a video statement, Khalid confessed, “I sell drugs worth up to Rs3 lakh daily and pay a portion to Riasat. Zahid owed Rs7 lakh to Riasat for drugs, but instead of repaying, he caused trouble.” Khalid implicated Riasat in orchestrating Zahid’s murder, revealing that three individuals, including himself, were dispatched to carry out the killing.

According to SSP Amjad Hayat, the reconnaissance of Zahid was conducted by Fahad Gujjar, and he was subsequently killed by Umar Khalu and Khalid. The mastermind behind the murder, Jamil Chhanga, operates the Riasat of the Jadgal gang from Iran. The entire plan for Zahid’s murder was coordinated via WhatsApp, and audio evidence had been collected from the accused. Further investigations are ongoing.