Apple Vision Pro headset becomes literal 'headache' forcing mass returns

“It gets really bad and might return it for this reason alone,” buyer says about Apple Vision Pro headset

By Web Desk
February 17, 2024
A person wearing an Apple Vision Pro headset. — Apple/File

Consumers who paid $3,500 for the Apple Vision Pro headset are already returning the devices because they say they give them migraines, motion sickness, and eye strain.

Before the innovative goggles were made available to the general public on February 2, more than 200,000 pairs were sold during the pre-order period, according to theNew York Post.


However, although some ardent supporters claim that the Vision Pro would completely transform the IT sector, some disgruntled buyers have already returned theirs to the Apple Store.

Some returned the gadgets because they were experiencing excruciating headaches.

“I returned mine today,” one customer wrote on Reddit on Monday. “Extreme headaches (first in decades). I can’t wear [them] more than 10 minutes without extreme discomfort. Feels like a torture session just trying to keep it on. I have no idea how all these streamers can play for hours. After 10 minutes I feel like I’m about to have a heart attack.”

“I unfortunately am also having severe headaches when I wear this for more than 30-45 minutes,” another responded. “This is so devastating as I love everything else about the AVP. I would like to think with continued use I would get used to this but it is too expensive to take that bet past the 14-day return period. I am returning mine today.”

Some, however, claimed that the Apple Vision Pro's eye strain was intolerable.

“They are terrible,” one Redditor railed. “I used them for like 6 hours. I was even addicted to them and now I don’t want to touch them at all because of my eye fatigue. Feel like complete s–t.”

“It gets really bad and might return it for this reason alone,” a second responded.

Another customer, however, asserted that the device caused motion nausea in them and advised anyone susceptible to such condition to stay away from the Vision Pro.

“I tried my friend’s Vision Pro and it made me pretty nauseous,” they wrote. “I have moderate-severe motion sickness and used my friend’s headset for less than 5 minutes before feeling sick. Literally just tried to search for a YouTube video and started feeling queasy. I would not recommend anyone with severe motion sickness try these. It’s possible they get better over time but I’m definitely not putting one of these on again!”