Mean Girls remake fails to hold candle to orignal after lucklustre reception

Mean Girls remake premiered January, 12 2024

By Web Desk
January 29, 2024
The Mean Girls remake lacked the 'music element' as it struggled to garner praise similar to the original

The Mean Girls remake failed to make a statement after it emerged that the comedy musical did not add the same sparkle that its original version did.

The original film, which was seen to be 'sacred' by teens in the early 2000s, earned gold status from across the world however the new musical adaptation disappointed the viewers in several ways.


According to multiple platforms,the Mean Girls remakefailed to meet the expectations of the audience because it lacked vocal prowess from its leading couple.

Rice appeared to be limited on vocal power that inversely affected Cady’s solos.

Although other cast members, including Rapp, Cravalho, and Spivey's performance was agreed to be phenomenal, Briney’s restricted range of musical experience was seemingly what sabotaged the film’s success.

The film contains some loopholes that negatively influence character development and sequence.

It also lacked huge musical numbers such asIt Roars, Fearless, and More Is Better.

This made the plot line devoid of its basic essence that enriched the previous version.

The film doesn’t fall big on the musical element nor character development.

It came off as a disappointment for all theMean Girls lovers as they were looking forward to the remake altogether.