Nova FM's Tim Blackwell splits from wife Monique Blackwell

Tim Blackwell and Monique Blackwell end fourteen years of union

December 11, 2023
Tim Blackwell and Monique Blackwell part amicably, remember good times.

Radio personality Tim Blackwell is officially divorcing his wife Monique Blackwell after fourteen years of marriage.

On Sunday, December 10, the lady shared this gloomy news on her Instagram, breaking it to friends and followers.

“Not all good things end, but this has,” her caption stated, “Thank you in advance for your messages of love, support and sadness at the news that Tim & I are no longer together.”

She added, “Our babes are forever supported by Tim’s and my love for them. And our friendship together is a source of strength for our family always, as we raise our children as best friends.”

Along with this, she attached two photos, giving a shout-out to their happier times together. Both the pictures included the couple smiling incredibly brightly.

One featured just the two of them holding onto each other, and the next was with their three children – Bo (ten), Alfie (seven), and Artie (four).

Tim met Monique on an enormously important day in his career.

It was in 2002 after he moved cities for launching a local drive broadcast.

“It's the cheesiest radio-nerd story ever — one of the biggest days for my career and certainly the biggest day of my love-life,” he expressed in an interview.