FAS holds meeting

December 10, 2023

Islamabad: The Floral Art Society of Pakistan (Magnolia Chapter) organized a workshop on the topic of, "Examining Curvature," which was well attended by members, especially keen to learn new techniques, though the atmosphere was subdued by the sad news of the loss of life of a long time member, Musarrat Zain, a great floral artist and a loving person whose cheerful smile was her hallmark. The meeting was dedicated to her.

This image shows the logo of The Floral Art Society of Pakistan. — Facebook/The Floral Art Society of Pakistan, Mangolia Chapter

The event commenced with the recitation of the Quran by Hina Kamran, then secretary, Farah Khursheed brought tears to the eyes with her words of condolence for their departed friend. She also condoled with two other members – one who lost her mother and another who lost her brother. President, Wiqar­unnisa Boolani, requested two minutes of silence for the departed souls and Hina recited Surah Fateha, after which Sarwat Aslam gave a multimedia presentation to honour Mussarrat, highlighting different aspects of this multi-talented member. It was a great way to pay tribute.

The multi-talented Asma Ansari, an international judge and demonstrator, then began the program to teach the technique of paper quilling and various ways in which plant material can be manipulated, meticulously designing five floral arrangements to accentuate her points. Members were provided with props and other materials so they could practice the newly learned technique and create their own floral pieces.

In conclusion, Asma was presented with a small token of appreciation; birthday girls were given gifts but no ‘Happy Birthday’ was sung in deference and the usual cheerful ambience during refreshment time was missing.