Kevin Costner’s new romance with Jewel confirmed, find out more about her

Kevin Costner grabs girlfriend Jewel by the waist... who is she?

December 09, 2023
Kevin Costner moves on from ex-wifeChristine Baumgartner.

Kevin Costner has been photographed squeezing new girlfriend Jewel tightly around her waist as she sits on his lap.

This image was taken during their latest getaway to the Caribbean, which served as evidence regarding their newly fueled flame.

Blushing comfortably, the Yellowstone star can be seen holding on to his new girlfriend, who has evidently turned just as scarlet while speaking into a microphone.

Jewel addresses her audience, taking comfort in Kevin Costner's lap.

Both were in good spirits during their fundraising hangout at Necker Island where high-profile celebrities engaged in various activities, including intense rounds of tennis, with them.

The philanthropy event in question was setup by Jewel herself for her children foundation. She is professionally a singer whose 1995 albumPieces of You became a megahit in America.

Starring in multiple productions like I Can See Your Voice, Ring of Fire, and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, she happens to be a prominent TV personality.

Previously, the artist was linked to Sean Penn, and married Ty Murray in 2008, filing for divorce six years later. After that, she kept her relationships under wraps until being spotted with Costner.

Various media sources report that the couple was initially “acting flirty” during their two-week trip and now are dating,” even leaving the event spot together as soon as it would be concluded daily.

“There was definitely something going on. They were flirty, and when they were together, it was like they both just lit up,” a source disclosed.

Someone added, “You could tell why they were trying to be discreet, but anybody who saw them could tell something was going on.”