Prince William leans on 'anchor' Kate Middlteton for more 'grounding'

Prince William and Kate Middleton's partnership was praised

December 08, 2023
Prince William and Kate Middleton were lauded for their partnership

Prince William seemingly sees his wife Kate Middleton as 'an anchor' as the couple’s dynamic was laid bare.

Speaking to an outlet, Nick Bullen, co-founder of True Royalty TV, said that while the Princess of Wales joined the ranks of the royal family through her marriage to King Charles’ eldest son, the values she brought along gave stability to him.

"We know that Prince William loved being part of the Middleton family [before the couple got married] because it gave him a real grounding," Bullen shared.

"It gave him an anchor."

"And you can see that in Kate, her sister Pippa, and to an extent, her brother, James. They are confident in who they are as people because they know that they come from a family with real love in it," the commentator continued.

"And I think that’s what’s been so useful for the royal family with Kate."

He added that Princess Kate’s strong family values brought sensible change in the way royals balanced their duties with their personal life.

"[Her family] brings strong familial values," Bullen shared.

"And they are able to say family comes not necessarily always first, but just as highly as the sense of duty."