Charlie Sheen reveals children inspired him to get sober six years ago

Charlie Sheen’s highly publicized battle with addiction lead to his Hollywood downfall

December 08, 2023
Charlie Sheen shares two twin boys and two daughters with exes Brooke Mueller and Denise Richards respectively

Charlie Sheen has been sober for six years, and it was all possible because of his children.

In an interview with People Magazine published Thursday, the Two and a Half Men star proudly announced, “Next month I’ll be six years sober.”

The 58-year-old actor – whose highly-publicized battle with addiction led to his Hollywood downfall – further said that he has been thriving in a “very consistent lifestyle” a single father to 14-year-old twins Max and Bob with ex-wife Brooke Mueller.

Though he once “loved drinking in the morning,” Sheen said his routine now consisted of waking up “around 4:30 or 5 a.m., get an early jump on the news, work out, answer emails,” before helping his twins with their morning routines.

The inspiration behind this change was Sheen’s daughters with ex-wife Denise Richards.

“One morning I’d forgotten my daughter had an appointment I’d promised to drive her to, and I’d already had a couple of pops that day,” he recalled, adding that “it broke [his] heart” to think of what his daughter must be thinking of him.

Thereafter, he quit drinking cold turkey, having quit drugs prior to that as well.

Within the first month, Sheen could already feel things “improving,” and he kept that momentum going.

Now, Sheen is testing the waters and slowly returning back to the spotlight, “excited” to regain his stellar work reputation prior to his publicized downfall, even working with Two and a Half Men creator Chuck Lorre after burying the hatchet with him.

“I’m proud of the choices that I’ve made and the changes I’ve made to live a life today that will never look like that mess,” he said, noting that “that was some alien version of myself.”