Cassie’s pal confronts Diddy in damning letter: ‘You traumatized me’

Cassie accused ex boyfriend Diddy of decade-long physical, emotional, and sexual abuse

December 08, 2023
Diddy recently broke his silence on the avalanche of sexual assault allegations by multiple women

Another of Cassie’s named witnesses against Diddy has broken her silence.

As Cassie’s explosive lawsuit against her ex Diddy continues to inspire more women to come out with their experiences, her long-time friend and fellow musician Tiffany Red penned a letter to Diddy published on Rolling Stone, corroborating Cassie’s claims and even detailing an incident to which she bore witness.

“I’m breaking my silence, freeing myself from haunting recollections, standing in solidarity with Cassie, and standing up for myself,” she began in the bombshell letter published Thursday.

“I fear for my safety as her suit alludes to me, although not by name,” she expressed. “I hope that revealing my identity to the public will afford some measure of protection,” she further implored.

Although the music mogul claimed that Cassie’s lawsuit was “riddled with baseless and outrageous lies,” the 37-year-old songstress corroborated an incident that occurred on Cassie’s 29th birthday in 2015.

Red claimed she was in the house as an “intoxicated” Diddy abused a very “timid,” “sedated,” and “withdrawn” Cassie after she refused to engage in intercourse with him, even standing up for her friend by telling Diddy, “She doesn’t have to have sex with you if she doesn’t want to.”

But Diddy refused to listen.

Red then detailed being “completely traumatized” by one of the “Freak-Offs” that Cassie described in her lawsuit as an “arrangement” where Diddy would make her perform sexual acts with male escorts.

The bombshell letter comes just a day after Diddy made his first statement about the avalanche of allegations against him, declaring that he will “fight for ‘his] name, [his] family, and the truth.”