Natalie Portman drops bombshell about early career connection with Britney Spears

Natalie Portman stuns without wedding ring on Kelly and Mark show

December 08, 2023
Natalie Portman's surprising revelation of shared understudy role with Britney Spears at career onset.

Natalie Portman shared first acting gig with Britney Spears.

The Oscar-winning actress spilled the beans this week, revealing an unexpected connection as they both started their careers as understudies for child star Laura Bell Bundy in the Off-Broadway musical Ruthless back in 1992.

In an interview on LIVE with Kelly and Mark, Portman disclosed, "Britney was Laura's first understudy, and then when Britney left to do the Mickey Mouse Club or whatever, I was the understudy."

Despite taking over from the pop superstar, the two never actually met, but Portman shared, "We actually didn't meet, but we, like, knew of each other.

Like I knew I was taking over for her."

While Britney soared to fame through a two-season stint on the Mickey Mouse Club alongside Justin Timberlake, Ryan Gosling, and Christina Aguilera, Natalie made her mark with critical acclaim at the age of 13 in the action-thriller Léon(1994).

Fast forward 30 years, and Natalie, now an Oscar-winning actress with over 70 films under her belt, graced the LIVE stage to discuss her latest project, May December.

In the film, she takes on the role of Elizabeth Berry, a character inspired by the notorious Mary Kay Letourneau.

The plot delves into Berry's relationship with her husband, played by Charles, which began when she was a minor.

Premiering in theaters in November and now available on Netflix, May December tackles a gripping narrative inspired by real-life events.