High-powered industrial advisory panel holds first meeting

December 08, 2023

ISLAMABAD: The Ministry of Industries and Production has announced the inaugural meeting of Industrial Advisory Council (IAC) under the visionary leadership of the Federal Minister for Industries and Production Dr Gohar Ejaz.

The Secretary of Industries and Production, Syed Asad Rehman Gilani, also participated in the meeting as the council functions under the auspices of Industries and Production Division, said a press release issued here on Thursday.

This meeting is a crucial step towards realizing Dr Gohar Ejaz’s ambitious “Vision Pakistan: Road to $100 Billion Exports”.

This image shows the Industrial Advisory Council during a meeting in Islamabad under the chair ofthe Federal Minister for Industries and Production Dr Gohar Ejaz on December 7, 2023. — X/Gohar_Ejaz1

The Industrial Advisory Council, a pivotal component of the visionary roadmap outlined by Dr Gohar Ejaz, comprises eminent CEOs from leading industrial groups in Pakistan.

The distinguished members include Fawad Ahmed Mukhtar, Muhammad Ali Tabba, Waqar Ahmed Malik, Abdul Samad Dawood, Raza Mansha, Shahzad Asghar Ali, Samir Chinoy, Amir Fayyaz Sheikh, Shahbaz Yaseen Malik, Ahsan Bashir, Syed Hyder Ali, and Farooq Naseem.

Public members of the council include secretaries of industries, commerce and finance.

The first meeting of the Industrial Advisory Council was presided over by Federal Minister for Industries and Production Dr Gohar Ejaz as the meeting brought together collective expertise and insights of the industry leaders to address critical issues and propose actionable strategies for the enhancement of the country’s industrial sector.

During the meeting, each private sector member of the Industrial Advisory Council presented their perspectives and expertise.

The presentations shed light on the challenges faced by the industrial sector and provided valuable, practical suggestions for its improvement.

This gathering symbolised a collaborative effort to harness the vast potential of Pakistan’s industrial landscape and it aligns with the national objective of achieving $100 billion in exports.

The ministry anticipates that the outcomes of this meeting will pave the way for innovative solutions, policy recommendations and collaborative initiatives that will contribute significantly to the growth and sustainability of the industrial sector.