BU hosts participants of rector’s conference

By Our Correspondent
December 08, 2023

Islamabad: Bahria University, a distinguished member of COMSTECH’s Center of Excellence (CCOE), showcased its commitment to fostering global academic collaboration by hosting an exclusive lunch for participants of the Rector’s Conference organised by COMSTECH.

The conference held at its main campus in Islamabad, the event aimed to promote international partnerships and nurture academic collaboration.

Bahria University Islamabad Campus can be seen in this image released on September 21, 2023. — Facebook/Bahria University

The exclusive luncheon served as a testament to Bahria University’s dedication to facilitating cross-border academic alliances. Esteemed delegates from national and international academia convened, engaging in meaningful discussions, networking sessions, and the formalization of partnerships among universities in OIC countries.

Dignitaries from various nations, including representatives from Somalia, Uganda, Senegal, and Kazakhstan, graced the occasion, providing diverse global perspectives and fostering invaluable connections.

Beyond intellectual discourse, the event provided an opportunity for participants to immerse themselves in Pakistan’s rich cultural heritage. A meticulously curated city tour featuring iconic landmarks such as Lok Virsa and the renowned Faisal Mosque offered attendees a glimpse into the nation’s vibrant culture and architectural marvels.

During the lunch, Bahria University solidified its commitment to global collaboration by signing Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) with esteemed international universities. These agreements underscore the university’s dedication to fostering initiatives such as student and faculty exchange programs, joint research endeavors, publications, seminars, and conferences.

Vice Admiral (R) Asif Khaliq HI(M), the Rector of Bahria University, emphasized the significance of these collaborations in advancing the institution’s mission of globalizing education and cultivating a culture of innovation and research. Prof. Dr. M. Iqbal Chaudhary, Coordinator General of COMSTECH, appreciated Bahria University’s support in hosting the last day activities of Rector’s Conference and providing a good experience to the international participants of the Conference.

Through these strategic alliances, Bahria University seeks to fortify its academic relations with international counterparts, aiming to facilitate comprehensive knowledge exchange and impactful collaborations that transcend geographical boundaries.