HEC launches pre-service training for university faculty

December 08, 2023

Islamabad: The National Academy of Higher Education (NAHE), Higher Education Commission (HEC) has started training of Cohort VIII of university faculty members inducted under the Interim Placement of the Fresh PhDs at the public sector HEIs of Pakistan.

The faculty members are being trained under the HEC National Faculty Development Programme (NFDP) 2023. Addressing the inauguration ceremony participants, Managing Director NAHE Noor Amna Malik underlined that the fresh PhDs will undergo meticulous training with a focus shift from theory to practice.

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She emphasised the incorporation of innovative methodologies, such as Micro-Teaching, which encourages candidates to improve their teaching techniques through constructive feedback from resource persons, peers, and themselves. She also underscored the importance of facilitating universities for their progression, in addition to established institutions. Malik extended her congratulations to the participants for their selection in the training programme. She drew attention to the challenges that Pakistan is currently facing and emphasised the role of educated professionals in contributing to the nation’s prosperity.