Phillip Schofield Inquiry: ITV publishes 'no finding of 'toxic' culture, period under review

Schofield resigned from ITV in May

December 07, 2023
ITV Chairman stated that, according to the KC, there was no finding of a 'toxic' culture during the review period

Phillip Schofield has made his first public appearance since the release of an ITV review into the scandal that led to his dramatic resignation.

The report by Jane Mulcahy KC, published this afternoon, highlights lingering concerns among ITV staff about speaking out due to potential career repercussions.

As Schofield returned home, it seemed he had emerged for the afternoon amidst news of the investigation's findings.

The review, involving interviews with 48 individuals, investigated Schofield's affair with a younger male runner on ITV's This Morning. Only one person among those interviewed claimed knowledge of the relationship before May.

The report affirmed that ITV did not cover up the scandal, and station executives had actively sought the truth in 2019, four years before the affair became public. However, the external review indicated that relevant evidence was not uncovered until Schofield's admission.

Jane Mulcahy disclosed that Schofield declined to participate in the review concerning his departure, citing concerns about the risk to his health. She also noted that there had been a deterioration in the host's mental health.

ITV executives emphasized that both Schofield and his former lover consistently denied the relationship until Schofield's resignation and a formal apology. The unnamed runner involved also chose not to engage in the review.

ITV Chairman Andy Cosslett stated that, according to the KC, there was no finding of a 'toxic' culture during the review period.

Schofield resigned from ITV in May and was subsequently dropped by his talent agency YMU after acknowledging the 'unwise but not illegal' relationship with a younger male colleague.