Millie Bobby Brown ‘not on board’ with Jake for first Christmas celebration as fiancés

Millie Bobby Brown speaks up about her disagreement with Jake Bongiovi to celebrate Christmas

December 07, 2023
Millie Bobby Brown and her fiance Jake Bongiovi share different views for Christmas celebration

Millie Bobby Brown has recently confessed she and her fiancé Jake Bongiovi cannot find common grounds to celebrate their first Christmas as a couple.

“My decorations go up before Halloween. Jake's very much against that, but who cares?” said Millie in an exclusive interview with PEOPLE during a pop-up event for her new coffee line, Florence by Mills Coffee.

The couple, who announced their engagement earlier this year after three years of dating, would have their first holiday season officially as fiancés, before getting married next year.

Millie shared she and Jake had their own traditions when it comes to planning Christmas.

The Stranger Thingsactress stated, “My tradition is, you have to open a gift, big or small, on Christmas Eve. Jake didn't do that.”

Millie continued, “I introduced it to Jake and he kind of is still not on board with it, but I'm like, ‘You have to open it’. And then he picks the biggest one and I'm like, of course you did.”

Sharing her views about Christmas, Millie explained, “It's just where I thrive. I love the twinkly lights and the ornaments.”

“The holidays is about seeing family and spending time with your loved ones, being able to truly reflect and understand how grateful we are to live in a house that's put together,” noted the Enola Holmes actress.

Millie added, “I just feel very, very grateful and lucky to be able to be under a roof with my family.”

Meanwhile, Jake did celebrate Thanksgiving with his famous family alongside Millie last month.

“Obviously I'm British, so I don't celebrate Thanksgiving, but of course Jake's family are American, so they were able to introduce me to what a real American Thanksgiving looked like,” she told the outlet.