Mark Ruffalo in awe of Poor Things co-star Emma Stone: Here’s why

Mark Ruffalo speaks highly of Emma Stone, who is also his co-star in Poor Things

December 07, 2023
Mark Ruffalo gushes over Poor Things co-star Emma Stone at the NYC movie premiere

Mark Ruffalo is in awe of Emma Stone for her performance in new movie, Poor Things.

In a new interview with PEOPLE at the New York City premiere of the movie on Wednesday, Ruffalo gushed over Stone’s performance in the dark comedy and called her as “a once in a generation talent.”

“She’s just so game,” said the Begin Again actor.

Ruffalo continued, “I mean, this is probably one of the most daring female performances in decades, in a sense.”

“It's just the kind of fearlessness that she has and a presence, and I mean presence with you as an actor,” stated the Shutter Island star.

Speaking of Stone, Ruffalo noted, “She's just right there, no matter what you do she goes with you. And she's a great talent.”

While discussing about his preparation for quirky scenes with Stone in the latest movie, Ruffalo told the outlet, “It started with about three weeks of rehearsal, which was just playing theatre games, really, and goofing off and cutting up.”

“That gave us the feeling of safety with each other and a feeling of fun,” remarked The Adam Project actor.

Ruffalo pointed out, “It was really daring to be able to be daring and safe with each other.”

“And we had Yorgos [Lanthimos, the director] with us the whole time and then we had this incredible script that really lays it all out in the most fun way,” he added.