Matt Bomer makes sure to raise kids in an intersectional environment

Matt Bomer shares his three kids with Simon Halls

December 07, 2023
Matt Bomer makes sure to raise kids in an intersectional environment

Matt Bomer is making sure his children grow up with exposure to a wide variety of cultures.

The 46-year-old actor talked candidly about raising his three children—the 18-year-old Kit and the 15-year-old twins Walker and Henry—during an interview with GQ about his new film Fellow Travellers. He said that both of them place a high value on intersectionality when it comes to their children's education.

"They go to an Episcopal school, but they're in school with Muslim kids, with Jewish kids," says Bomer, who shares his kids with husband Simon Halls. "We gave them that experience and then let them find their way from there."

In 2011, Bomer and Halls got married in an intimate ceremony.

In 2016, the actor disclosed to People magazine that he and Halls foster their love "one day at a time" and find motivation in the bond between his grandparents.

"[My grandparents] just celebrated their 68th wedding anniversary, so I always look to them and I see how every day they express their love for each other and I try to follow. They've set a pretty good model for me to follow," he said.

The couple, as Halls previously told the outlet, is committed to encouraging their sons' creativity.

"[We go] to art museums [and read] art books," Halls said. "We've got a lot of photography books and art books."

Although Bomer and Halls support their children's creativity, they are not pushing them into the limelight.

"I don't want anybody out on stage any time soon," the American Horror Story actor said. "I want them to have a nice, normal childhood."