Prince Harry's decision to decline wedding invite 'appreciated' by family

Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, was called out for turning down an invitation to attend a family wedding

December 07, 2023
Prince Harry decided to decline a wedding invitation in the midst of his cold relationship with the royal family

Prince Harry’s move to decline a close relative's wedding invitation likely came from his "unique and complicated" relationship with the royal family.

According to relationship expertLouella Alderson, while speaking to The Mirror, the Duke of Sussex would best keep his distance from the family, considering that Prince William and Kate Middleton are expected to attend the same event.

"If Harry declined an invite due to potential awkwardness with the Royal Family, then his friend should understand and respect his decision," Alderson said.

"It's important for Harry to maintain his boundaries in an empathetic manner. If he cares about the friendship, he should communicate openly with his friend, explaining the reasons behind his decision."

She added: "It's understandable that he may not feel comfortable attending certain events with them if they aren’t on speaking terms."

In turn, Louella added that Prince Harry's decision to not attend may see the Duke of Westminster and his future wife "appreciate Harry choosing not to come and potentially causing a huge media frenzy".

"Their wedding day should be about them, not about any potential drama or tension between Harry and the Royal Family."