Jennifer Aniston pays 'extraordinary' tribute to Norman Lear: 'Source of healing'

Norman Lear died on December 05 in Los Angeles

December 07, 2023
Jennifer Aniston pays 'extraordinary' tribute to Norman Lear: 'Source of healing'

Jennifer Aniston is considering the enormous legacy of Norman Lear.

After learning of the well-known TV writer and producer's passing, Aniston, 54, celebrated his "extraordinary life" on Instagram on Wednesday with a heartfelt statement.

"Norman Lear. His shows shaped my childhood and getting to know him was one of my greatest honours," she started her message, which featured two pictures of her and Lear embracing. "He made such a difference. A huge impact on television and humanity."

The Friends star continued by pointing out that the legendary Hollywood figure, best known for developing the comedy series All in the Family in the 1970s, wasn't afraid to tackle difficult subjects in his television writing.

"He was able to tackle and discuss heated political conversations during difficult and charged times and we were able to laugh and learn. I yearn for those days," Aniston continued. "When creativity was a learning tool and could inspire people to maybe think just a little bit differently. And of course to laugh. Our greatest source of healing."

"The kindest and gentlest man," she recalled Lear as being, and how he made everyone feel as though they were "the only one in the room."

"He made everyone feel this," she explained. "Even when someone believed differently than him. That’s what made life and people interesting to him. To have discussions and really take in how people felt and hear their point of view. He knew how to give voice to all sides and somehow in the process bring people closer together."

She concluded her tribute, "May we take a page from Norman’s playbook as a way of honouring his life. An extraordinary life. Rest in peace, Norman. It was a gift to stand in your light."

On her Instagram Story, Aniston also posted several pictures of Lear, including one that showed the TV icon entertaining a group of guests at a dinner party.