Julia Roberts ‘passionate’ about her twins’ college experience

Julia Roberts shares her thoughts about sending her twin to college on Jimmy Fallon Show

December 07, 2023
Julia Roberts speaks up about her older children college experience on Jimmy Fallon Show

Julia Roberts has recently revealed she’s passionate about her twins’ college experience on latest episode of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Julia, who is currently busy promoting her new movie, Leave the World Behind, discussed about her 19-year-old twins as well as 16-year-old son, whom she shares with her husband Danny Moder.

The Pretty Woman mentioned that her “three children were all doing great”; however, two of the three of her children are in college.

Julia pointed out that from the time the two oldest children started on higher education, she “immediately made supporting their schools” her “entire life”.

“I wear the colours. I do the whole thing,” remarked the Oscar winner.

To this, Jimmy questioned Julia about her youngest son dealing after her twins went to college.

“I think it's a good 50/50 split,” replied Eat, Pray, Love actress.

Julia added, “My son is loving it. And I think he misses his people.”

Earlier this week, Julia spoke on Today with Hoda Kotb about how much she appreciated both of her older children.

“They still allow me to be the same mom to them and it's not eye-rolling. There's a huge amount of understanding,” explained the actress.

Julia stated, “I parent them the same way out of the house that I parent them in the house. Which is, ‘Are you getting enough sleep? You sound like you're sick, are you drinking tea?’ And, ‘Text me when you get home so I can see that you're safe and sound.’”

Meanwhile, Leave the World Behind will begin streaming on Netflix tomorrow.