'He has no agenda': Jennifer Lopez dishes on relationship with Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck rekindled their decade-old romance in 2021 and secretly tied the knot the next year

December 07, 2023

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are a true Hollywood power couple.

Speaking with Extra on Tuesday at the Elle Women in Hollywood event, JLo couldn’t help but gush about her husband, Ben Affleck, and how much she valued his opinion and judgement for her upcoming This Is Me… Now studio album and accompanying film.

“We are real partners, not just in working together, but in life, as parents, as lovers, as a couple,” she said of her relationship with the Oscar-winner, which first sparked in the early 2000s.

“So we discuss everything with each other. I want his opinion, everything, because I trust him,” the Latin pop culture icon explained.

Acknowledging that her husband “has the best intentions,” she continued, “He has no kind of agenda except to see me shine as bright as I can shine, and that’s what I have for him, too, so I definitely always want his opinion.”

This wasn’t the first time that Lopez, 54, expressed her gratitude for Affleck, 51, most recently telling Vogue that he pushes her to “understand [her] worth and know [her] value.”

“I feel even more relaxed and comfortable, which makes me feel even more beautiful than I have ever felt with someone else.”

The Hollywood A-listers’ two-decade-long relationship included two engagements, a long split, and a fairy-tale reunion.

Having ended their respective marriages, Affleck and Lopez rekindled their romance in 2021 and secretly tied the knot the next year.