Kim Kardashian brushes off Taylor Swift's psychological claims, shines in SKIMS promo

Kim Kardashian sizzles confidence in SKIMS amid Taylor Swift drama redux

December 07, 2023
Kim Kardashian flaunts confidence amid Taylor Swift drama storm.

Kim Kardashian sidesteps the resurfaced Taylor Swift drama, following the pop star's revealing Time Magazine profile.

Swift, hailed as Time's Person of the Year at 33, didn't hold back, accusing Kim of taking her 'down psychologically' and subtly labeling her and ex-husband Kanye West as 'trash.'

Unfazed by the buzz, Kim took to promoting her shapewear line, SKIMS, showcasing her sultry style in a strapless chestnut top and trousers.

Opting not to directly address Swift's comments, Kim's strategic move included a dazzling pose that teased a glimpse of her midriff, coupled with a radiant makeup look.

This bold fashion statement, seen in Kim's first official post since the Time Magazine article, communicates a message of confidence and poise, proving once again that the SKIMS entrepreneur knows how to steal the spotlight, even amidst renewed celebrity drama.

Kardashian in a recent clip from her episode on makespringhill, encourages her children and followers to find pride within themselves, independent of external validation.

Sharing her parenting philosophy, Kim emphasizes the importance of self-approval and individual goals.

In the video, she states, "You should be proud of yourself because you did that," reinforcing the idea that personal success and happiness are subjective.

Captioning the post with #Mavericks and tagging mavcarter, Kim highlights her episode on the show, titled Make It Till You Make It.

While the SKIMS entrepreneur refrains from addressing the latest controversy surrounding her, keen-eyed Instagram users couldn't resist bringing up the infamous feud with Taylor Swift.

In the comments section, numerous fans invoked the snake emoji, alluding to the long-standing rift between the two celebrities.

This empowering message from Kim arrives just hours after Taylor Swift's Time Magazine Person of the Year interview, where the star delved into the dispute triggered by Kim's then-husband Kanye West's 2016 song, featuring controversial lyrics about Taylor.

The ongoing saga unfolded when Kim released a phone call, described by Swift as 'an illegally recorded phone call.'