Timothee Chalamet dishes out his mother’s favourite movie he’s ever been in

Timothee Chalamet talks about his upcoming movie and character in a new interview

December 07, 2023
Timothee Chalamet opens up about his mother’s favourite movie he’s ever been in

Timothée Chalamet has recently dished out his mother’s favourite movie he’s done yet.

In a new interview with PEOPLE, Chalamet, who stars as the magician-chocolatier in the new project, revealed that Wonka is his mother Nicole Flender’s favourite movie as of now.

“This is maybe her favourite thing I've ever been in,” said the Dune star.

He quipped, “I think she saw Bones and All and said, ‘You gotta be happier in your movies!’”

“But this is the tradition. I come from a musical theatre family, and this is more in line of the kind of movie I would've thought I'd be doing 10 years ago, if I was lucky enough to work at all,” explained Chalamet.

The Little Women actor added, “This was so fun to work on. This was unlike anything I've ever worked on; I think.”

Chalamet told the outlet that his new Willy Wonkais a “change of pace” for him, in terms of characters he takes on.

“The movie feels old-school and sincere,” remarked the actor.

Meanwhile, Chalamet’s young co-star Calah Lane disclosed she was familiar with the actor before her role in Wonka.

“Actually, I did not know who he was. Not in a bad way; I really love him now. But his work, I never really got a chance to see because I was only 12,” said Lane, now 15.

She noted, “It was all too old for me. But after I met him, we became great friends.”

Wonka will release in theatres on December 15.