X Factor's Rebecca Ferguson opens up about abuses within music industry

Rebecca Ferguson is a mother to Lillie, Karl Arabella, and a 10-month-old fourth child

December 07, 2023
Rebecca Ferguson spoke out about abuses within the music industry

Rebecca Ferguson alleges that a man forcefully entered her residence and conversed with her child after she spoke out about abuses within the music industry.

The 37-year-old former X Factor star had previously shared a vivid account of the difficulties she faced, asserting that her life turned chaotic after a falling out with industry figures.

Speaking out had its repercussions, as a senior industry figure reportedly intruded into her home in 2017.

Speaking to Metro.co.uk, Rebecca said: 'Let's say I was your next-door neighbour, who works in an office.

'If someone from her office forced their way into her home on a Sunday morning, and sat while she was in the shower, chatting to her child, there would be uproar. There would be absolute uproar.

'If that same woman was getting calls from the police to say 'We believe you're unsafe, can we please meet you off the train? We want to make sure that you are safe because we've received very worrying intelligence. Everyone would have empathy.'

Rebecca called the police who removed the man from her home but she said he continued to harrass and call her in the middle of the night, despite her lawyers telling him to stay away.

While speaking at the Misogyny in Music Committee this year, Rebecca said the 'senior industry mogul' advises the Department of Culture (DCMS) under which the committee exists.

The accomplished singer, who is a mother to Lillie 18, Karl 16, Arabella eight, and a 10-month-old fourth child whose name she has not disclosed, did not specify which child the man spoke to.

This revelation follows Rebecca's disclosure that she is still bound by a music industry contract that she considers a lifelong commitment.