Is Hania Aamir dating Indian rap star Badshah?

Recent pictures of Pakistani starlet with Bollywood celebrity leaves fans wondering

By Web Desk
December 06, 2023
Pakistani actor Hania Aamir and Indian rapper Badshah. — Instagram/haniaheheofficial

After some recent Instagram posting by Pakistani heartthrob Hania Aamir, dating rumours with Indian rapper Badshah are rife on both sides of the border.

The actor, famous for her cute and innocent looks, recently shared some pictures with the Bollywood rap star; hid, and then restored them later.

As Hania regularly updated her Instagram with the newest pictures and videos on the social site, this one post containing pictures of Badshah grabbed the netizens' eyes.

In line with Hania's posting pattern, the Instagram post included multiple pictures and a few videos, but the picture that led it went viral within hours of being posted.

"Kids went shopping," the Pakistani heartthrob wrote in the caption of the post which she removed after a while but restored it later.

The fans compared Hania and Badshah in the first picture with "Shizuka" and "Gian", who are the characters of the famous Japanese cartoon series Doraemon.

The videos in the post suggested the two stars had a one-on-one coffee date.

However, as soon as the matter started trending, Hania removed the post from the picture and video-sharing platform.

A couple of days later, the Anaa actor posted some more pictures with the DJ Waley Babu singer, from a meetup in Dubai.

With Badshah's comment at the top of the comments section, Hania's admirers speculated if the two stars were seeing each other.

Some of the fans also expressed disappointment, thinking their celebrity crush was dating someone.

Other pictures in the post showed that Maida Azmat, one of Hania's close friends, and Indian rapper Karan Aujla among other friends were also present at the meetup.

It turned out that the first post including pictures with Badshah reappeared on her account.

The Mere Humsafar lead actor got the fans talking recently with her new tattoo, which failed to fascinate them. The celebrity's name has been in the top trends on social sites since then.