Peter Sarsgaard on his bond with Jessica Chastain: ‘Incredibly generous, kind’

'Memory' will be released theatrically in December

December 06, 2023
Peter Sarsgaard on his bond with Jessica Chastain: ‘Incredibly generous, kind’

Peter Sarsgaard shared insights into his unexpected connection with fellow actor Jessica Chastain, which blossomed after filming their movie Memorytogether.

Sarsgaard, in a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, initially described their on-screen dynamic as quite antagonistic, mirroring their characters' relationship in the film. However, as filming wrapped, their connection took an unexpected turn.

"It was very honest between us," Sarsgaard recalled. "We didn't interact much outside of rehearsal and filming. And I describe our wrap day, with a laugh, as 'the craziest way I've ever wrapped with someone.'"

He explained that their final scene involved them standing about 15 feet apart on a New York subway platform. When the cameras stopped rolling, they simply waved at each other from a distance.

"It was very honest between us, in that way," Sarsgaard remarked.

Sarsgaard attributed this unexpected bond to the intensity of their shared experience on set. He noted that Chastain's dedication to inhabiting her character made her seem even more unlike her on-screen persona.

"She's nothing like her character," Sarsgaard said of Chastain. "She's incredibly generous, kind, and funny."

Their connection continued to deepen as they promoted the film, especially during the SAG-AFTRA strike when waivers allowed them to engage more freely with the media.

Sarsgaard expressed his admiration for Chastain's work ethic and her commitment to social activism. He also praised her ability to balance her various roles as an actor, producer, and advocate.

"She's a force of nature," Sarsgaard declared. "I'm grateful to have her in my life."