Bill Burr jokes about getting a 'visit from Secret Service' this Christmas

Bill Burr dished on the current state of politics in America in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel

By Web Desk
December 06, 2023
Burr to receive a visit from the secret service?

On Tuesday, December 5, comic and actor Bill Burr called out “idiot liberals” for citing Donald Trump and referring to the former president as a “martyr.”

While speaking to Jimmy Kimmel, the Breaking Bad star said: “He’s coming back. It’s gonna be great for comedy.”


The actor also revealed that it’s hard for him to believe that Donald Trump and Joe Biden will be running for President next year.

He expressed his dismay and added, “I want somebody in their 40s, somebody that’s gonna have to live with their decision,” the comedian said.

“With any luck, they’ll both die of natural causes before the election and maybe you could get somebody that still has something to live for.”

“Wow,” Kimmel chimed in.

“This year you’re not gonna get a visit from Santa, but you are gonna get a visit from the Secret Service,” he smirked.

Burr highlighted that he wished for them to “die peacefully.”

In a recent enclosure, the Old Dads'star and his wife, Nia Renée Hill, were ‘caught’ behind Trump at a UFC event.

On November 11, the actor and his wife Nia, were at Madison Square when they were later joined by the president, who seated near them.

The couple made headlines right after she flipped off former president, Donald Trump at the Ultimate Fighting Championship 295 Match.