Rabbani calls for placing CEOs of errant Discos on ECL

December 06, 2023

ISLAMABAD: Former Chairman Senate Senator Mian Raza Rabbani called for placing NEPRA inquiry report against Discos’ malpractice of overbilling should be placed before the Committee of the Whole, Senate of Pakistan, to suggest and recommend action against this criminal activity.

Rabbani said the Nepra inquiry has revealed the mother of all scams, as the power firms are fleecing consumers through inflated bills. Calling for legal proceedings against these firms, he said the overcharged amount should be adjusted against the users’ bills and the CEOs of these companies should be placed on ECL.

Senator Raza Rabbani speaks during a joint session of Majlis-e-Shoora on February 8, 2023.— NNI

In a statement on Tuesday, he said “This is one of the gravest malpractices of overbilling in the provision of electricity and a criminal activity that has been highlighted by the Nepra Report. “Former chairman Senate said the Discos’ should be proceeded against and the overcharged amount should be adjusted against the users’ bills.Rabbani suggested that the CEOs of these Discos’’ should be placed on the ECL. He said the Nepra report accuses these power distribution companies of fleecing consumers by overcharging them as much as 100pc.

It also called into question the integrity of Disco’s entire revenue stream, from meter readings to billing and penalties.

The Senator said the report also found that the actual amount charged to users differed from the snapshot of the meter reading available on the bills. “In some cases, the snapshots were either invisible or deliberately not taken,” he said.