Three new centres established for learner licences

December 06, 2023

Rawalpindi: The local administration with the help of police and the traffic police department has established three new ‘Learner Khidmat Centres’ here at Pirwadhai, New Town and Dhoke Syedan where the public can get a Learner Driving Licence easily.

The district administration, Rawalpindi is going to start an awareness programme in all educational institutions where students could get awareness about traffic rules and regulations.

The City Police Officer (CPO), Rawalpindi Syed Khalid Hamdani has given answers to the public and said that ever-increasing encroachments were the main reason for traffic accidents all around.

The City Police Officer, Rawalpindi Syed Khalid Hamdani speaks during a live FM show on December 5, 2023. — Facebook/Rawalpindi Police

“We are trying to remove ever-increasing encroachments from all around to smooth traffic flow,” he claimed.

He also said that another main reason for traffic accidents was unawareness of traffic rules and regulations. The majority of underage drivers are not aware of traffic rules and regulations therefore we are strongly discouraging it.

“I am appealing to the parents to discourage their underage children to drive bikes and cars,” he appealed. On the other hand, City Traffic Officer (CTO) Official Spokesman Umair Satti told ‘The News’ that traffic police was continuously facilitating the public to get a driving licence. People can get a driving licence from the main traffic office or from ‘Learner Khidmat Centres’, he said.