Penelope Cruz wants movies to get a theatrical release: ‘it’s real magic’

Penelope Cruz believes movies should release in theatres at the BAFTA event

December 06, 2023
Penelope Cruz considers movies should have a theatrical release at the BAFTA event

Penelope Cruz has recently shared her thoughts on movies getting a full release in theatres due to increase of streamers and the COVID-19 pandemic closing down cinemas.

“It’s a ritual that I hope the world doesn’t lose because it is a real magic,” said Cruz at the BAFTA: A Life in Pictures” conversation in London on Monday.

Cruz spoke up at the event, stating, “The experience of watching a film in a theatre can never be the same as watching it in your house with interruptions and a phone or this and that.”

“And then it’s not sacred anymore — that time of you’re here, you turn off the phone and you’re going to be focused on this activity for two hours. That doesn’t happen at home,” remarked the Vanilla Sky actress.

Cruz pointed out, “So, I am a big defender of every movie having at least a few weeks of theatrical release because it’s just sad to lose that.”

“It’s sad for new generations not to experience that,” added the Pirates of the Caribbean actress.

Meanwhile, Cruz talked about her movie Ferrari in which she played the role of Laura Ferrari, the betrayed wife of automotive mogul Enzo Ferrari (played by Adam Driver).

Reflecting on her character, the actress mentioned, “The people that knew her very well loved her, but people in the streets would say things that I didn’t like, like ‘Oh no, she was just a very difficult woman. She was just crazy.’”

“She has no relation to Ferrari whatsoever.’ ‘And did you know that she was one of the first investors?’ They just wanted to make less of her,” she concluded.