Sacked Indian army major was suspected to be in touch with Pak agent

By News Desk
December 06, 2023

NEW DELHI: An Indian army major, who was posted with a Strategic Forces Unit and dismissed from service by the President in October, had come into contact with a Pakistani intelligence operative on Facebook, reports Indian media.

Investigations by Military Intelligence have also revealed that the major was in constant touch with the Pakistani intelligence operative, and this prompted a deeper investigation into his activities.

The major has now filed an application with the Armed Forces Tribunal principal bench in New Delhi seeking copies of the court of inquiries and board of officers held to investigate the allegations against him.

Indian Border Security Force soldiers guard a highway leading towards Leh, bordering China, in Gagangir. — AFP/File

Commissioned in the Regiment of Artillery in December 2012, the officer did his regimental courses and was posted at several units and appointments during his 11-year service with the Army.

The major was posted to a Strategic Forces Unit at a secret location in the first week of March 2021, and attended the ‘Missile Foundation Course’ at Strategic Force Command School.

In March 2022, the Counter Intelligence Unit of Strategic Forces told the major that he was found to be in contact with a Pakistani intelligence operative named ‘Aarushi Akash’ on Facebook. The intelligence officers seized major’s two mobile phones, a laptop, and a hard drive.

A forensic digital examination of these devices was carried out. Initially the major was suspected to be in contact with four to five Pakistani intelligence operatives. However, subsequent questioning of the officer showed he was in touch with only one suspected Pakistani operative. On his part, the officer had claimed he was not aware if the contact was the suspected PIO named ‘Aarushi Akash’.