Unesco to list ceviche, opera as ‘intangible heritage’

December 06, 2023

PARIS: Dozens of global traditions are candidates for inscription as intangible global heritage by Unesco this week, ranging from Italian opera singing and Bangladeshi rickshaw art to the Peruvian delicacy of ceviche.

The UN cultural agency´s Intangible Cultural Heritage Committee is expected to examine and approve 55 nominations.

Mexican singers sing a bolero at a cantina in Mexico City on November 4, 2023.—AFP

These include a bid from Italy to include opera singing, an art “transmitted only orally” between maestro and pupil that attracts many students from abroad.

Bangladesh is hoping to inscribe the art of painting the three-wheeled rickshaws that ply its capital´s streets, contributing to a “roving exhibition of paintings” that is an “emblematic feature of urban life in Dhaka”.