Ailing passenger causes Indian plane to make emergency landing at Karachi airport

December 06, 2023

A plane of an Indian private airline that flew from Ahmadabad heading towards Dubai on Tuesday made a medical emergency landing in Karachi due to a passenger's low sugar level. The aircraft remained at the Karachi airport for two hours.

According to aviation sources, a private Indian airline SpiceJet’s flight SG 15 took off from Ahmedabad, India, at 8:38pm for Dubai. After 45 minutes of departure, 27-year-old Indian citizen Dhruv Dharimesh Kumar on board became unconscious due to extremely low sugar levels while the plane was flying at an altitude of about 26,000 feet near Karachi over the Arabian Sea.

The Jinnah International Airport in Karachi can be seen. — Facebook/Jinnah International Airport Karach

The pilot contacted Karachi's Air Traffic Control, which granted permission for the plane to land on humanitarian grounds. The Boeing 737 plane landed at the airport at 9:20pm, and a medical team from the CAA was present near the runway. Doctors from the CAA provided immediate medical assistance and medications to the passenger. After health of the passenger became stabilised, the airline authorities and passengers thanked the Civil Aviation Medical team. The plane was refuelled, and flight SG 15 departed from Karachi for Dubai at 11pm.