Kanye West asks court to reject racial discrimination motion filed by ex Donda teachers

Kanye West files a new lawsuit, clarifying that he has no involvement in teachers hiring and wages

December 05, 2023
Kanye West's lawyer alleges the rapper had nothing to do with Donda Academy's policies

Kanye West has recently asked the court to dismiss racial discrimination lawsuit filed by two teachers from Donda Academy.

Earlier this year, Kanye and his Donda Academy were reportedly sued by two former teachers, Cecilia Hailey and Chekarey Byers, for alleged racial discrimination via RadarOnline.com.

Cecilia and Chekarey said in their suit that they observed alleged health and safety violations as well as unlawful educational practices at Kanye’s private school

However, Kanye also filed a new lawsuit in which he clarified that the teachers were hired by Donda not him.

“Hailey and Byers also make clear that they were employed by Donda Academy, not Ye,” read the rapper’s motion.

Kanye’s attorney stated, “The truth is, while Donda Academy was in operation as a school, Ye had nothing to do with Donda’s policies, practices, operations, and procedures relating to the payment of employee wages upon termination of employment or the content or timing of employee wage statements. Plaintiffs know that.”

The rapper’s awyer added, “Hailey and Byers will point to their allegations regarding Ye’s control over the lunches served at Donda Academy or school uniforms for example. But all of those allegations say nothing about Ye’s involvement in any Labor Code violation relating to Hailey’s and Byers’ wage statements or post-termination wages.”

Meanwhile, Kanye shared that the former teachers not be allowed to amend their lawsuit.