Residents demand repair of broken pipeline

December 05, 2023

Rawalpindi: The water pipeline in Street 1, Model Colony, Dhok Hassu, which was broken for day ago, is causing water wastage of thousands of gallons daily but Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA) paying no attention on the concerned issue.

The residents of affected area many a time visited to WASA office to resolve this issue but in vain.

The broken pipeline which passes through Imam Bargha Kasr-e-Hussain, Darul Islam Masjid was causing enormous amount of water wastage for over four days. The residents of the area have demanded immediate repair of the broken pipeline on priority.

Water coming out of a pipeline. — AFP/File

The area residents told ‘The News’ that they went to Assistant Director (Water Supply) Sadoon Basra to resolve this issue but unfortunately he took this matter non-seriously. The concerned officer said that it was a routine matter. Being responsible citizens, we informed WASA that main water pipeline was broken. But nobody took any kind of action against it even after four days, the area residents said. The area residents have appealed Punjab government to deploy efficient staff here in WASA to resolve public related matters.