Beyonce reveals her children are her first priority in Renaissance: A Film

Beyonce shares insight into her family life in her new movie

December 04, 2023
Beyonce dishes out details about her five-month world tour in her new movie

Beyonce has recently shared insight into her personal life in her new movie, Renaissance: A Film.

In the movie, the singer revealed that her children always come first and even dished out details some of the behind-the-scenes during her five-month tour of the same name.

“My first job is my children and they're my first priority,” said the My Crazy hit-maker.

Beyonce added, “So if one of them is bitten by a spider or one of the crazy things that's happened on this tour, that's when my real job starts.”

The pop icon didn’t disclose which of her children was injured, however, she would still manage to go and perform on stage.

Elsewhere in the movie, Beyonce was seen talking about the highlights of her experience while taking her children to Cannes in June. The songstress was happy to see her children enjoying and going to beautiful places at the time.

Meanwhile, Beyonce also talked about her daughter Blue’s involvement in the world tour as she became an overnight sensation after joining the singer’s dancers for few songs each night.

Blue first performed with her mother on May 26 in Paris, and despite online criticism, the 11-year-old put in the extra hours to work hard on perfecting her dance moves.