David Beckham wows Victoria Beckham with 'cute little roast dinner for one'

David Beckham takes wonderful diversion from his demanding schedule to take over kitchen with Victoria Beckham

By Web Desk
December 04, 2023
David Beckham with Victoria Beckham. David Beckham cooks dinner. — Instagram/victoriabeckham

David Beckham, famed for his talent in the game, indulges in his love outside of football by showcasing his culinary abilities and Victoria Beckham deserves credit for posting a video of David cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

Beckham recently took a wonderful diversion from his demanding schedule to take over the kitchen on a casual Monday.

What was the end result? A beautiful single roast meal, which he jokingly referred to as "a cute little roast dinner for one." Victoria uploaded the video on her Instagram Stories, which shows Beckham painstakingly finishing his dinner, surrounded by an assortment of roasted veggies and juicy chicken.

The video begins with Victoria saying, "Dave [David Beckham], you made yourself a cute little roast dinner just for one." David, while laughing, said, "Yeah, it is sad." While lauding him for his efforts, Victoria Beckham can be heard saying, "It is not sad, it is cute. Look, all the kids have got plans. I will have something else. Look, that is the cutest thing." Sharing the video, Victoria Beckham wrote, "Could he get any cuter?"

Victoria Beckham also included a photo of David Beckham eating in the next slide. The Manchester United great can be seen in the video seated at a table with his food and a glass of red wine.

Victoria wrote beside the click,"Warms my heart! (And really makes me laugh)." She added in the footer of the Instagram stories, "Dinner with the elves, David Beckham."

Of course, this isn't the first time that David Beckham has spread his magic inside the kitchen. Earlier, David Beckham and his daughter Harper Seven grabbed the Internet's attention with "Salsa Saturday."

It was all about the fiery salsa and the delectable burritos. David and Harper decided to make the meal together after being inspired by Hollywood celebrity Eva Longoria's recent release, Flamin' Hot. Victoria Beckham uploaded the video, which opens with David washing his kitchen surface and Harper Seven asking, "Daddy, what are you making?"

Responding to her, David said, "We are making burritos today." Next, he starts showing all the preparations that the two have done before delving into cooking. While sharing the clip, Victoria wrote, "Salsa Saturday!! When David Beckham and Harper Seven are inspired by the Flamin' Hot movie and Eva Longoria."

David Beckham enjoyed Indian cuisine at events organised by Sonam Kapoor and Shah Rukh Khan on his first visit to India last month.